Activity Center – Adel, Ga

In CenterHeritage House, established in 2001, is a premier provider of Residential and Day Support services for adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) based in Northern Virginia. We have grown to serve a variety of individuals who thrive and grow through participation in our programming. We are licensed through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to provide Community Access Services in Region 4 as of July 10, 2015. This was a long and difficult process but we have been blessed to have all the necessary pieces falling into place at just the right times.

We purchased a property in the heart of Adel. Our 4-acre location now sports a fully renovated building that we personally converted to our Heritage House Activity Center. One wing of this building is dedicated to a clothing ministry in which Consumers can volunteer their time to give back to their community. There is also a smaller structure that will serve as our regional administrative offices and small classrooms for pre-vocational learning and skill building. Further, we also stand ready to provide transportation for our Consumers with a wheelchair lift equipped van and a small fleet of vehicles, affording all Consumers equal opportunity access to the community.On deck

The rural area that is Region 4 is sorely underserved as there are few who provide residential, day services, transportation and many other services. We have begun to meet the Community Access needs as we are now serving individuals as of August 12, 2015, with more joining to participate almost daily. It is already clear that we are exceeding the expectations of Consumers, their families, Support Coordinators and even State Officials. We believe that we are poised to fill a void and that the lives of the Consumers that join our programs will reap benefits that enhance their every day and future.

Our decade plus experience in the provision of Community Access Services proves our dedication to providing the same high quality service in Georgia. We have built a strong team of professionals, many with tenure greater than 10 years in this field as well their own expertise in many other areas. Our phenomenal growth over the years demonstrates strong organizational structure as well as financial stability. We currently meet all Medicaid Requirements for Documentation and Billing and are often praised for our detailed and comprehensive records that allow us to assuredly envision and proceed with growth.

Mailbox GAHeritage House enjoys a successful history of serving individuals with complex needs; some with dual or multiple diagnoses as well as those who are medically fragile. Our positive approach, high expectations and commitment lends itself to success in many outcomes including: individuals feeling valued and welcomed in the community, families feeling relieved and relishing positive changes in their loved one(s), and the community embracing individuals with meaningful interactions and opportunities abounding.

We are utilizing our experience to demonstrate the “Heritage House Way” which is “Going way beyond what is simply required.” Jason Sapp. We are expecting to set the new standard for premier providers of Community Access Services in Georgia’s Region 4 and beyond.